Energy Audit Cost & Rebates

The Energy Audit cost is just $100* (a $400 value) for BGE customers, some of the following  energy-saving items are offered with your permission (where possible)—at no additional cost:

  1. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) - 14 Total
  2. Faucet aerators - Up to 4
  3. Efficient-flow showerheads—fixed mount or hand held - Up to 2
  4. Water heater pipe insulation - Up to 14 Feet
  5. Smart power strip(s) (up to 2 when when applicable)

These items listed above can add up to nearly a $300 value making the Energy Audit a very good deal fore Homeowners!

Benefits resulting from your home energy audit and completion of the recommended upgrades can include the following:

  1. Potential energy cost savings of 10% to 20%, sometimes greater!
  2. Fewer drafts and more comfortable & even room temperatures
  3. Our company employs only the most skilled & trained professionals that are vetted & screened to ensure a great in home epereince for our Customer's
  4. Third-party quality assurance to check that all work is done properly
  5. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

*The $100 offer is valid for homes up to 3,000 square feet with a single combustion appliance zone. Audits of larger homes or ones with multiple combustion appliance zones would cost more. For every 250 Square Feet over 3000 Square Feet would be a additonal $25 per 250.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Rebates

Rebates from $250 to $7,500 from the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® are available, based on approved measures and rebate reservation.

Measures Eligible for Incentives & Rebate Amount - Rebate Varies Based on Savings

Air Sealing, Insulation Measures and Duct Sealing: A $7,500 maximum based on the modeled reduction of electric and natural gas consumption.

Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Rebates: A $7,500 maximum based on the modeled reduction of electric and natural gas consumption.

Total Maximum Customer Rebate: $250 to $7,500 - As noted above rebate is based on potential savings.

$7,500 maximum or 75% off for entire project work scope.

Learn more about eligible HVAC equipment upgrades through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. 

We are a qualified Contractor & have services over 2000 homes in the Maryland area. If you decide to proceeed with out company we make it a point to meet your every need & want.

Learn more about specific measures and rebates.

Maximize Your Savings

Your contractor will provide a Prioritized List of Measures to help you determine the best improvements for your home and reserve your rebates through this program. All customer rebates are paid after project completion.


If you are interested in financing opportunities, the following loan options have been created specifically for Maryland residents performing energy efficiency improvements.

  1. MHELP / Energy Home Improvement – (contact Bob This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an Application and for deferment point options) 3, 6 or 12 months no interest &/or 90 days no payments & after chosen term period if not paid in full, 16.99% (BGE Incentives HELP to pay this down quickly once received).
  2. BeSMART Energy Efficiency Financing – Loans for qualified applicants up to $30,000 (unsecured) at a 4.99% fixed interest rate for a 10 year term.

Purchase Your Home Energy Audit Here


Energy audits can provide detailed information on energy retrofits that are cost effective or that give a direct payback on the investments that are made in the retrofits. 877.NRG.SAVI(ngs) or 410-(282)-(1422)

Up to $ 7500.00 in rebates available from BGE for attic insulation & air sealing, check your eligibility today, or purchase your Energy Audit now by selecting the top menu item "Buy Energy Audit", or click this link & using our self service PayPal system, you can pay & signup now!


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